Web development
be creative, unrestricted...

Main Features

  • Unlimited website endpoints
  • No design restrictions
  • Pre-built common sections
  • Create entry categories
  • Taggable entries
  • Publish to mobile apps


  • No installation
  • SQL-style queries
  • Free code samples


How it works

Managing a website with Inzu is similar to using other CMS software, you will create pages, build a site-map, tag entries etc.

Your website server receives and utilises data from the Inzu API using any common web-programming language such as Javascript, PHP, ASP, Node and Python.

The website design can be completely bespoke, or you can use a commercial HTML/CSS template from a provider like themeforest.com.

Free starter templates are available from Inzu to help you on your way.

Ready to go

The Inzu CMS comes with pre-configured zones that are useful for common website applications, so you don't need to set everything up from scratch:

Pre-configured zones:

  • Home page
  • News feed - with images
  • About page
  • Articles (all purpose)*
  • Events/Gigs - with images
  • Photo galleries (unlimited)
  • Video - YouTube compatible
  • Sound - Soundcloud compatible
  • File downloads
  • People profiles - with images
  • Press - with images
  • Catalogue/Discography
  • Links
  • Blog - with comments
  • Legal
  • Testimonials
  • Contact

*Articles is a general use format used to create pages not otherwise found in the pre-configured zone list.

Additionally you may tag entries to mix content from different zones on a single website page.

E-commerce integration

Inzu's CMS works hand in hand with our store application. For instance you may want to add a desinger profile to a product page or maybe an expert endorsement. You could add information about a product launch from your events section, the list goes on.

By tagging entries across Inzu, you can mix and blend content to create information rich product pages for your customers. Go beyond the traditional product listing and really sell your products.

Newsletter integration

With Inzu you can select entries from the Inzu CMS and add them to a newsletter, no need to re-type or copy content.

If you create content on a regular basis, Inzu's automated newsletter facility can be used to send out your latest entries based on content pattern you create. So each month you could send out your latest 2 news items and your latest blog post for example. Curated schedules can run alongside more targeted mail-outs so you get the best of both worlds.

User interaction

The Inzu CMS is not a one way street. You can enhance your users' experience by creating feedback portals on your website.

Any article or blog post can send comments via the Inzu API, that you can moderate and publish.