Cloud content management
your content available anywhere...

Main Features

  • No design restrictions
  • Pre-built common sections
  • Use with mobile apps
  • Taggable entries
  • Easily combine sections
  • Create sub-sections


  • No installation
  • SQL-style queries
  • Free code samples

How it works

Updating your Inzu cloud site is like using other CMS software.

Create pages, add categories, tag entries and order content.

You do all this online at

Your website or app connects with Inzu to receive data feeds that can display your content in any way you choose, with your images, downloads and other media being hosted on Inzu servers.

Ready to go

The Inzu cloud CMS comes with pre-built zones for common website sections, so you don't have to set everything up from scratch.

Sections such as News, Events and Contact appear on most websites - so we've made a clear, easy-to-navigate CMS that reflects this.

The 'Articles' zone of the CMS can be used to create your own bespoke site sections that don't appear on the pre-built zones list.

Tagging entries will allow you to mix content from different zones on a single page.

Pre-built zones:

  • Home page
  • News feed - with images
  • About page
  • Articles (all purpose)*
  • Events/Gigs - with images
  • Photo galleries (unlimited)
  • Video - YouTube compatible
  • Sound - Soundcloud compatible
  • File downloads
  • People profiles - with images
  • Press - with images
  • Catalogue/Discography
  • Links
  • Blog - with comments
  • Legal
  • Testimonials
  • Contact

*Articles section may be used for any regular text & image based web page.

Getting your site made

Inzu cloud sites can be managed by just about anyone, but that's not at the expense of functionality.

Being a cloud-based service, Inzu allows programmers and web designers to create sites however they want to - with no design restrictions or the need for pre-made templates (although pre-made templates can be used).

Developers should visit for more detailed information.

Integrated content

Inzu offers unrivalled integration between content management and e-commerce / e-mail marketing.

You can easily add elements from your CMS to a newsletter, even automating newsletters to send out the fresh content from your site based on a schedule you choose.

Inzu includes a full e-commerce application with store management that works alongside the cloud CMS. This means you can easily publish content from your site alongside products, for instance adding an extra gallery or event entry to a product page.

Who's it for?

Inzu cloud sites work best for those who want to think creatively about how their website is designed whilst enjoying straightforward user-friendly tools to manage it.

From a simple blog or brochure site to a full e-commerce site, Inzu is a great tool for delivering high-quality websites that represent you or your brand in a unique way.