Newsletter marketing
Targetted content and sales

Main Features

  • Template designer
  • Add content from CMS
  • Include products/offers
  • Fully brandable
  • Auto-update campaigns
  • Automatic scheduler
  • Prize-draw system
  • Free sending allowance
  • Flat monthly fee boosters


  • Import/export CSV lists
  • Remote e-mail capture
  • E-mail safe HTML

How it works

The Inzu newsletter application can be used as a stand-alone application or in tandem with the Inzu's CMS and store applications.

Create a newsletter design template (using our online editor), then start a new campaign with original content or content pulled from the your website/store.

Build an audience

A few lines of code on your website is all that's needed to capture e-mail addresses from your visitors.

E-mail addresses can also be captured on your Inzu Page or when a customers places an e-commerce order.

Content drop

Why keep re-writing content for newsletters when you can select entries already created for your website? As well as standard content like blog posts, news items and events you can also drop in products, tickets and special offers in a few seconds, complete with purchase links!

Automated newsletters

Inzu newsletters can be configured to automatically deliver content to your subscribers. Include the latest 2 news items on your account followed by a recent event or a latest product.

You just decide on the content pattern and then choose a schedule, automatic newsletters can be sent weekly, monthly etc.

Prize draw

With Inzu you can create a newsletter promotions with prize winners, simply create an offer in the Inzu offers section then add that offer to a newsletter campaign.

A randomly selected subscriber will be notified if they win.


Newsletter - 2,000
2 per week to 2,000 subscribers
Newsletter - 5,000
5 per week to 5,000 subscribers
Newsletter - 10,000
10 per week to 10,000 subscribers
Newsletter - 100,000
20 per week to 100,000 subscribers

All prices are price per-month based on a rolling subscription.