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Main Features

  • Product variations
  • Multi-currency
  • Shipping tools
  • Sales reports
  • Special offers
  • Stock levels
  • Group editing
  • Sell downloads
  • Sell tickets
  • Take donations
  • Newsletter integration


  • Use Inzu's Payment Gateway
  • Store API (JSON)
  • Free code examples


To use Inzu e-commerce all you need is an account with Stripe or PayPal.

You'll be guided through the free connection/sign up process for these services on Inzu, which only takes a few minutes to setup.

Stripe will process debit/card payments with funds going directly to your bank account. PayPal payments will be sent directly to your registered PayPal account.

Customers will shop on your website, Inzu page or click purchase links on social media and pay via Inzu's Payment Gateway. So you won't have to worry about installing payments software or SSL certificates on your website.

Cloud e-commerce

Don't be tied down to just one store front, with Inzu you can publish your products on any participating website.

Maybe you want to run different stores for different countries or maybe you could partner with another website and feature your products on their store?

You can do all this with one Inzu account.


Inzu store management system has all the tools for mail-order you would expect from a modern e-commerce platform, such as:

  • Product variations
  • Product galleries
  • Product groups
  • Offers
  • Multi-currency
  • Shipping/pricing
  • Customisable receipts
  • Partial/full refunds
  • Unlimited categories

Selling downloads & music

A great bonus for using Inzu is that we host downloadable products for you. So if you are selling computer files you can be sure of a secure and reliable delivery of your product.

Inzu also features a special product type for music releases. Music can be sold in multiple formats via a free Inzu Page or your own website. You control the price and format, ensuring listeners can listen to the highest quality version of your product, at a price you decide.


Putting on your own event? Inzu has an easy to use digital ticketing system that lets you sell tickets from your own website. Tickets can be for one-off events but also for venues and businesses that take calendar based bookings.

A free booking calendar plug-in is available for your website that allows customers to choose available dates and book tickets.


We've teamed up with to provide an automatic tax calculation service that takes away the complexity of calculating sales tax/VAT.

If you do business in the U.S.A. you can import transaction data from Inzu to for tax return filing - a real time saver!

Offers & promotions

Creating promotions with Inzu is easy, just select whether to apply an offer to a whole order, store category or single item, then choose your discount amount or free gift. Offers are redeemable via the offer-code you set.

Offers can be featured in e-mail newsletters using Inzu's newsletter application.

PCI compliant

Transactions with Inzu are secured with 2048 bit SSL encryption and are also PCI Compliant which means Inzu has quarterly inspections by an bank-approved security validation company.

Inzu transaction fees

The table below shows what Inzu will charge for each transaction:

Mail orders 1.50% 1.50%
Donations 0.50% 0.50%
Invoice payments 0.50% 0.50%
Tickets 2.50% 2.50%
Downloads 5.00% 5.00%

* Fee in addition to PayPal charges.

** Fee in addition to Stripe charges.

Business users with monthly sales above $10,000 may be eligible for an improved rate.