Newsletters - Terms & Conditions

Additional agreement:

The following shall constitute a binding agreement between you ('the User') and Inzu Limited (trading as Inzu) ('Inzu') for your use of the Newsletters ('Newsletters') application provided by Inzu on the domains of ('the Platform').

This agreement together with any amendments and Inzu's main terms & conditions, constitute the agreement between you and Inzu ('the Agreement').

You should review all relevant terms & conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of any amendments. Inzu will be notify you by e-mail of significant amendments. Your continued use of the Platform will constitute acceptance of the Agreement including any modifications and amendments which have been made.

Any amendments that affect the way we use your personal data will require you to provide explicit consent of those changes for continued use of the Platform. You will be notified by e-mail of such amendments with instructions on how to accept or decline such changes.

The Service

Newsletters is a subscription-based application available to all Inzu users. It provides a suite of tools that allow you to manage a mailing list and distribute HTML e-mail to those on the mailing list.

Limitations of Usage

  1. You understand that the Newsletters application is subscription-based and that each level of subscription has limits how many times a week you may send a newsletter and the number of people you may e-mail per newsletter.
  2. You understand that the format of newsletters is fixed in a number of regards:
    1. The width of newsletters is fixed.
    2. Design templates you create are limited to changes of; font, font size, background colour of e-mail, background colour of e-mail body and header image.
    3. If you choose to "drop in" content from other Inzu applications, the format and content of that selection is not editable.
    4. The text editor provided for custom content is limited to a set number of characters and that images included via this editor may need formatting to fit in with the general newsletter layout.
  3. You understand that by selecting content to be automatically included from other Inzu applications, sufficient content is required to perform that action, and that creating an automated schedule without sufficient content may lead to empty newsletters being sent.
  4. You agree to test your newsletters in various e-mail clients before sending them to your mailing list.


  1. You agree to only use the Newsletters app for legitimate operations relating to your own business/organisation.
  2. You will not send newsletters that are considered spam, phishing attacks or that in any other way compromise the privacy, security or legal rights of the recipient.
  3. Inzu reserves the right to terminate use of the Newsletters application if your newsletters are used to market services normally associated with spam. These include but are not limited to; pharmaceuticals, cryptocurrencies, gambling and pornography. If you believe your business legitimately needs to send such e-mails, please contact Inzu support for pre-approval.
  4. As per Inzu's main terms and conditions you may only send newsletters that comply with Inzu's guidelines on offensive/harmful content, United Kingdom law and subsequently any laws local to your place of business/residence.

Your subscribers

  1. You will not send newsletters to any mailing list that is not your own.
  2. You will not re-submit subscribers to your mailing list who have previously deleted themselves from your mailing list.
  3. You will remove mailing list entries for e-mail addresses that result in 'bounced' e-mails.
  4. You will not allow third party access to your mailing list or share your mailing-list without the express permission of all mailing list subscribers.
  5. You will remove subscribers from your mailing list if directly asked to do so.


  1. By using the Newsletters application, you will be in receipt of e-mail address information from your subscribers.
  2. If you extract and store this information from Inzu you must provide your customers with a GDPR compliant privacy policy, stating exactly how their information is used, how it can be accessed and how it can be removed from your records.
  3. You agree to not share e-mail addresses submitted to the Newsletter application with any third party unless you have the express permission of the person whose information you are sharing.