My Inzu - Terms & Conditions

Additional agreement:

The following shall constitute a binding agreement between you ('the User') and Inzu Limited (trading as Inzu) ('Inzu') for your use of the "My Inzu" service provided by Inzu on the domains of ('the Platform').

This agreement together with any amendments and Inzu's main terms & conditions, constitute the agreement between you and Inzu ('the Agreement').

You should review all relevant terms & conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of any amendments. Inzu will be notify you by e-mail of significant amendments. Your continued use of the Platform will constitute acceptance of the Agreement including any modifications and amendments which have been made.

Any amendments that affect the way we use your personal data will require you to provide explicit consent of those changes for continued use of the Platform. You will be notified by e-mail of such amendments with instructions on how to accept or decline such changes.

The Service

My Inzu is available to all registered users of Inzu. It provides a place to; review purchases made via Inzu, re‑attempt downloads, and browse content (that the User chooses to “follow").

Limitations of Usage

  1. My Stream:
    1. The content and goods posted in the "My Stream" section of My Inzu are not generated or curated by Inzu.
    2. This content is in no way representative of Inzu as an organisation.
    3. You are responsible for curating the content found in "My Stream" by following or unfollowing other Inzu users.
  2. Purchases:
    1. You understand that goods purchased via "My Stream" are bought directly from other Inzu users ('the Merchant').
    2. Inzu is not responsible for the delivery of physical goods or how they relate to product descriptions posted by the Merchant.
    3. Inzu is responsible for the delivery of downloadable goods but not how they relate to product descriptions posted by the Merchant.
    4. You will only contact Inzu for assistance or problems regarding purchase of goods after 14 days have elapsed, and agree that problems will be discussed directly with the Merchant first. This excludes issues with downloading purchased files, in which case you may contact Inzu support immediately.
  3. You understand that refunds are issued by the Merchant and not by Inzu.
  4. You understand that goods purchased from multiple Merchants in a single transaction are attributed to the Merchant of those goods on a "goods by goods basis". This means that transaction queries are handled by the particular Merchant of a particular product from the overall transaction.


Inzu does not share any of the personal or general business information found on My Inzu with any third party.

Your purchase history and other metrics may be used to recommend to you selected products and services from Inzu users you have previously transacted with or have chosen to “follow”.