Admin Suite - Terms & Conditions

Additional agreement:

The following shall constitute a binding agreement between you ('the User') and Inzu Limited (trading as Inzu) ('Inzu') for your use of the Admin Suite ('Admin Suite') service provided by Inzu on the domains of ('the Platform').

This agreement together with any amendments and Inzu's main terms & conditions, constitute the agreement between you and Inzu ('the Agreement').

You should review all relevant terms & conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of any amendments. Inzu will be notify you by e-mail of significant amendments. Your continued use of the Platform will constitute acceptance of the Agreement including any modifications and amendments which have been made.

Any amendments that affect the way we use your personal data will require you to provide explicit consent of those changes for continued use of the Platform. You will be notified by e-mail of such amendments with instructions on how to accept or decline such changes.

The Service

The Inzu Admin Suite is available to registered users of Inzu who opt to use our business focussed applications.

The Admin Suite provides a portal to applications provided by Inzu as well as functions relating to the general operation of the User's account.

Limitations of Usage

  1. Some applications found within the Inzu Admin Suite are paid-for applications. You may only access these applications if you have a subscribed to that application. Other applications are free but must be selected via "Account upgrade/downgrade" in "Account settings" to become activated.
  2. You will not seek to increase your storage allowance by any other means than changing your data storage subscription package.
  3. You will not attempt to replicate, re-brand or partially re-create the Admin Suite or any of its functionality, layout or design via any computer application or other user interface.
  4. You take full responsibility for actions performed on your account where you have given full or partial account access to a third party, or if you have not properly secured your login credentials.
  5. You will not attempt to upload information/data that is intended to mislead or offend Inzu's employees or other users of Inzu, nor will you upload information/data designed to compromise or disrupt any of the services Inzu provides.
  6. Whilst we aim to ensure your account information displayed on the admin suite is always accurate, this information does not constitute a formal record of your account.
  7. You may request accurate account information from Inzu support or download accurate account information via Inzu's various reporting tools.


Inzu does not share any of the personal or general business information found on the Admin Suite with any third party.