Your questions answered...

Before contacting support please take the time to read the FAQs.

Can I sell copyrighted material?

You can as long as you have permission from the original owner of the copyright.
Users selling goods that infringe copyright law will have their accounts deleted.

What can I sell?

You can sell anything at all providing you are not breaking the law.

So I can sell physical goods as well as downloads?

Yes, Inzu provides the facility to sell both physical goods and downloads from one account.

How do my customers download my files?

Customers can download your files as soon as they have paid for their item. Or if they choose to register with Inzu, they can download at any time by logging into their account.

Do my customers have to register with Inzu?

No, registration is optional. Your customers can pay without registering.

How do I manage the sale of physical goods?

Whenever you sell a mail order item you will receive an e-mail notification describing the order. You then mail the goods to the customer using the details they have submitted to Inzu.

Can I integrate Inzu with my own site?

Yes, Inzu has a number of tools that allow you to integrate the Inzu sales platform with your existing site from the basic click and buy links to a fully fledged shopping cart.

What are JSON feeds?

JSON feeds allow for external sites to be updated from an Inzu account. When you add a new item to Inzu your site will be able to read the feeds and update your site with new content, including images and audio previews hosted on Inzu.

What are My Inzu pages?

For users who don't have their own website address Inzu provides an easy to use tool that lets anyone create a mini-site in minutes. You simply choose the address you want e.g. Inzu.net/myband then customise your site with its own colours, images and text. The store automatically updates when you add a new item to Inzu.

How secure are payments?

All payments on Inzu are secured with 2048-Bit SSL encryption and the site is independently monitored by Security Metrics (an independent security company) to ensure it remains PCI compliant. PCI compliance is an industry standard used to ensure servers remain at a lower risk from hacking attempts.

How do I get paid?

When you connect a Stripe or Paypal account funds are sent directly to you.

What are chargebacks?

A chargeback occurs when a customer believes a transaction made on their account was made without their knowledge or when they did not receive the goods sold. The seller of goods is required to prove that the goods sold were bought by the customer and that they were supplied correctly. Failure to do so will result in a loss of funds for that transaction.

How do I cancel my account?

Contact support at any time and we will cancel your account.

Can I upgrade if I run out of space?

You can upgrade at any time by logging into your admin area and choosing "Account type".