About INZU

A service for you...

INZU is a unified system for business & individuals for managing online content and sales.

This means there is no need for separate accounts for e-mail marketing, e-commerce and CMS software; all of this can now be managed from a single INZU account.

Who is INZU for?

We pay special attention to small/medium businesses and those in the creative industries.

INZU has grown by working closely with people in these sectors and we aim to always ensure, with each step forward – INZU remains a product that caters for their needs.

INZU is also well-suited to small charities, clubs, blogs and personal websites.

How does it work?

You control and manage content by accessing your account on INZU.net.

A range of applications has been developed by INZU to provide you with a set of tools that work in harmony and are closely integrated with each other.

Integrated apps

If you create content for a website using the INZU CMS application, it's easy to add that content to a newsletter. Just select an existing entry, or choose the latest 2-3 items in a category such as news, events or even products from your store.

Newsletters can be sent automatically by using a template based on your latest site updates.

This includes items from your INZU E-commerce store.

Design flexibility

With INZU your web pages are not restricted to just a single entry per page; you can easily mix entries to create pages that are visually interesting and rich with relevant content. Maybe you want to associate a press entry or news item with one of your products. All you have to do is give them the same keyword tag and they can be shown on the same web page.

You can add as many different content elements on one page as you wish.

Because INZU is a cloud service the look/functionality of your site/app is completely up to you.

The cloud

With INZU you are not limited to simply displaying information on a single website.

Your content is stored on the INZU Cloud and can be streamed to multiple locations, such as websites, mobile apps or any other compatible device.

Content hub

In summary we have developed a system that meets the needs of most small to medium scale websites, putting all the tools you need in one place.

INZU.net is a hub for your content – how you deliver that content is up to you.